2023-01-11 - COVID-19 in China

It's striking how little press coverage there is about the COVID-19 situation in China. The sheer number of infections and deaths beggars belief, but through a combination of bald-faced government lies in China and Western press disinterest, nobody is talking about it.

The numbers are mind-blowing. China wasted 3 years in harsh lockdowns and failed to properly vaccinate its population or build up either hospital capacity or stockpiles of medicines. When president Xi's idiotic "zero COVID" policy inevitably collapsed, mass infection of an immunologically naive population ensued. What's going on in China right now is a horror show.

Obviously, CCP control over media means we don't know exactly how many people are dying, but it's pretty easy to work out a range of figures:

From the above, we can predict that the death rate in China will be materially higher than in the US (ineffective vaccine which was not adopted by the most vulnerable people anyways, poor hospital capacity). Lets say .004/capita to 0.006/capita. China has 1.4 billion people, so this translates to 5.6M to 8.4M dead people.

Read that again. 5.6 to 8.4 million people in China have died already or will die in the coming months, and nobody is talking about it. Imagine that everybody in the Greater Toronto Area or everyone in Quebec were to die in a period of six months. That's the scale of the carnage.

How did we get here? Obviously, bad governance. Here's a laundry list of the stupid things China has done to accomplish this cataclysm:

What will the impact of this be?

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